Speed Dating 25-38 Mississauga

Monday June 10, 2024 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (CA$43.63)

6099 Erin Mills Pkwy., Mississauga, Ontario Canada - Kelseys Original Roadhouse
Mississauga Kelseys Original Roadhouse
Speed Dating


Refund Policy

Contact the organizer to request a refund.

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable. 

About this event

  • 1 hour 30 minutes


A few years up or down is no problem. We will not check your ID.

Come and have fun with us. We at Crazy 4 Events know how to have fun. Positive vibes are what we aim for.

Come with an open mind. You might meet the right one and even if you don’t. Have fun!

Please bring a non-perishable food item. We will bring it to the FOODBANK. We love giving back to the community!

Please arrive early to the event. We are suggesting that you arrive 15 minutes before the event starts. If you arrive late, unfortunately, you cannot attend the event. Give yourself ample time to arrive just in case there is traffic.

Your date will be approximately 5-12 minutes depending on the number of dates that you will have.

There is a cut-off for the number of women/men that attend. However, we can add you to the next speed dating event. PLEASE NOTE: If we have too many of one sex, we will either refund you or put you at the top of the list for the next event!

We encourage you to mingle with others before the event. We always make it fun; we will do some icebreakers before doing our speed dating.

Only individuals with a paid ticket will be allowed into the event.

What is included with your ticket:

You will have FIVE dates and a maximum of EIGHT.

You will be given a score sheet at the beginning of the evening that will be handed to the Hostess at the end of the speed date event. Within 24 hours, we will contact you to inform you of any mutual interest(s).

A few of the rules:

Turn off your phone.

Be respectful to others.

Cancellation Policy:

All reservations are processed when the booking is made - reservations are final and non-refundable. A reminder email may be sent to clients; however, we are not responsible if you do not receive it. It is your responsibility to know the date and time of the event.

We regret that there are no refunds for events and workshops. But you can send someone to attend in your place. If it is speed dating, the person you are sending must be the same gender as you. There are NO exceptions due to weather, sickness, traffic etc. Please think of our events the same way as a concert. You would not get your money back if you did not show up at a concert.

Crazy 4 Events has the right to cancel due to low enrollment and unforeseen circumstances. Should this happen, you will be entitled to a refund or a credit for another event.


Crazy 4 Events Speed Dating and Mingling with Singles does not perform background checks on or screen any individuals participating in our events. By registering with Crazy 4 Events Speed Dating or Mingling with Singles you are agreeing that Crazy 4 Events is not liable for any damages, direct or indirect, that may in any way arise out of a Crazy 4 Events Speed Dating or Mingling with Singles. Crazy 4 Events Speed Dating provides a forum in which singles can meet face-to-face and does not make any guarantees of any kind. Crazy 4 Events Speed Dating and Mingling with Singles events are held at venues over which Crazy 4 Events and its associates have no control. Therefore, if you are injured or suffer damages of any kind at a Crazy 4 Events Speed Dating or Mingling with Singles you agree to release Crazy 4 Events Dating and its associates from any liability with respect thereof.

Do not drink and drive:

****We strongly discourage anyone planning to attend inebriated or to sit in a corner and drink to be drunk. Should you be under any influence that you are not of sound mind, we will call a UBER for you at your expense. YOU will also be banned from purchasing tickets or attending future events with us. You take full responsibility for your actions.

Safe Dating:

It is crucial to be cautious when setting up in-person dates or meetings.

1. Don't set up dates too quickly

It's normal to chat and have some back and forth before deciding if a date is in the cards. If the person wants to meet you immediately that is a RED FLAG.

2. Meet up in a public place for the first time

It's a wise decision to choose a busy public location for your first date. Meet at a pub, coffee shop, restaurant, and/or busy park. This allows a secure setting for both of you.

3. Always arrange your transportation for the initial date

Always meet your date in a public place. Never, ever let them pick you up or drop you off on your first few dates. Even if they offer to pick you up or drop you off, say "no thanks" until you trust them! Remember the old saying stranger DANGER.

4. Tell someone you trust that you have a date

Never go on a date/meet-up without telling someone. This should always be your no. 1 safety rule when meeting people for the first time. Let a friend or family member know that they should expect to hear from you at a certain time. You can also let them know where you're going on the date. It’s also a smart idea to have a ‘safe word’ or ‘safe phrase’, to use, just in case you need to make a quick exit.

5. Think before exchanging numbers

Do not forget that you are under no need to share phone numbers if you feel uncomfortable. It’s OK to schedule dates and converse only through a safe app until you feel ready to give out your phone number. Always take your time when disclosing contact information since your privacy is crucial.

6. ALWAYS Trust your instincts

If you sense any discomfort or uneasy vibes while conversing, or planning a date in person, don't hesitate to leave immediately and exit the situation. Your well-being always comes first, and it's perfectly fine to step away if something doesn't feel right. Let your friend or family member know.