"BE YOURS" - a Valentine's Day for Singles

Sunday February 16, 2020 at 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM ($55 – $65)

1332 Main Street, Venice, California United states - The Love Dome
Venice The Love Dome
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(And for those who hate Valentine’s Day!)

Of course couples are also welcome:)

Many people believe Valentine’s Day is about their love connection to another person -

Often we mistake love as something that must come from outside ourselves and when V'day comes around it can make those of us who are not in relationship feel like we are missing out or that there’s something wrong with us.


Tantra believes love must first be cultivated within and then shared as opposed to waiting for another in order to feel love or complete for that matter.

We believe whether you are single or coupled - Celebrate the Lover Within - because this is where the spark of love originates!

Of course couples are also welcome!

Join Shayna Hiller and Diego Wallraff, ignite your heart and be reminded of the inherent bliss & ecstasy residing inside of your body!

"Your capacity to be alone is your capacity to love” - OSHO


During this intimate 4 hour workshop you will learn:

how to be with yourself and activate your inner lover which will guide you in your life.

how to utilize connection with others as a way of deepening intimacy with yourself.

how to clear blocked energy so love can flow freely through your own system

how to see yourself in another

techniques for disarming your heart

conscious communication for speaking your truth

how to allow yourself to experience pleasure

how to tap in to your desire

how to feel expansive joy and gratitude for life

how to live from your heart

the true meaning of abundance

how to set boundaries in order to experience more freedom


What to wear: loose comfortable clothing for light movement - no strong perfumes please

What to bring: an open mind, curiosity, water bottle, sacred object for the altar, sarong, pillow or blanket